give entrance

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References in classic literature ?
At regular intervals great gates give entrance to the city; but even at the distance from which we looked upon the massive pile we could see that all were closed, and, in accordance with Talu's suggestion, we deferred attempting to enter the city until the following morning.
Shall I confess that I sometimes looked towards the door with a half-expectant wish to see it open and give entrance to Mr.
Notably, Navodaya is the only education system in the country where students give entrance examination for admission into Class 6.
Students travelling for various academic reasons like proceeding to join their school, college or to give entrance exam would be able to benefit from this special offer.
The Gospel speaks of the "power of the keys." In Jesus' time, as well as in the evangelist Matthew's, the scribes and the Pharisees who were the teachers of the Law held the "key" to give entrance into the kingdom because they sat on "the chair of Moses" (Mt 23:2), that is, they had the authority of Moses.
Tickets are pounds 15 and give entrance to the Beatle Convention which runs from 10am to midnight.
The match will kick off at noon and programmes, which give entrance to the event, will be on sale on Boxing Day.
a common stock of conceptions, possibly possessing a yet unstudied arrangement of its own, does not yet seem to be greatly appreciated; yet to me it seems to be a necessary concomitant of the communicability of language; it holds the principle of this communicability, and is in a sense the universal language, to which the various specific languages give entrance."
The new season-tickets, which will give entrance to every Super League game, a Challenge Cup fourth-round match, academy and reserve fixtures and half-price tickets for the 2009 equivalent of the Millennium Magic weekend, will be available from Tuesday, the offer running until November 22.
The tickets give entrance to Silverstone for the whole three days.