give expression

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If for me more than for any other it was torture to have no right to give expression to the impulses of my heart, to force back into its depths the burning words that treacherously wrong the yet more ardent emotions which strive to find an utterance in speech; I found, nevertheless, in the merest trifles a channel through which my passionate love poured itself forth but the more vehemently for this constraint, till every least occurrence came to have an excessive importance.
When we think that we may not give expression to the happiness which is given to us by the presence of one we love, we pour out the secret gladness that overflows our hearts upon inanimate things, investing them with beauty in our happiness.
Evidently she had hit on other absurd and grotesque aspects in her husband and was awaiting the moment to give expression to them.
Her clear blue eye, which sate enshrined beneath a graceful eyebrow of brown sufficiently marked to give expression to the forehead, seemed capable to kindle as well as melt, to command as well as to beseech.
lamented Aniska, who at the sight of the fire felt that she too must give expression to her feelings.
Those in whom the faculty of reason is predominant, and who most skillfully dispose their thoughts with a view to render them clear and intelligible, are always the best able to persuade others of the truth of what they lay down, though they should speak only in the language of Lower Brittany, and be wholly ignorant of the rules of rhetoric; and those whose minds are stored with the most agreeable fancies, and who can give expression to them with the greatest embellishment and harmony, are still the best poets, though unacquainted with the art of poetry.
None dared give expression to the thoughts which came to the minds of all.
To give expression to humour, and write in a strain of graceful pleasantry, is the gift of great geniuses.
Others, encouraged in their out-of-date views by the reactionary mindset, choose to give expression to those out-of-date views.
The purpose of the Committees of Provinces is to break the wall of isolation between the Federal Parliament and the Provincial Assembly to ensure an integrated understanding of the issues and difficulties being faced by the Provincial Governments and to give expression of the same at the Federal level.
To the contrary it serves as a welcome proof of a poet's commitment to give expression to reality without sugarcoating its highs or lows.
The event, which will run through December 24, is meant to provide an opportunity for young artists to give expression to their talents.