give fair warning

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HMRC needs to stop this stupidity and make a commitment to business owners to treat them fairly, and give fair warning of events like this, and to not close over busy periods.
Galvin said he wants people to be aware of the case, to give fair warning to other potential investors, and to see if others
When wild lions see a person coming, they know enough to either disappear or give fair warning.
of North Carolina, Greensboro) stick to the positive but also have almost 75 years of experience in directing graduate students in their theses and dissertations, so they give fair warning as they cover the topics that really matter to advisors, reviewers and students.
Consider the benefits: One set of keystrokes can get everyone on target for a meeting; automatic computer reminders can give fair warning to those working at their desks that a meeting is upcoming; and an attorney can check her calendar while in court, traveling, or at home, while still being able to give a scheduling person access to it for changing and editing.
Seriously though - when she gets this way, does Stone give fair warning to those around her so they can be prepared, or just get out of the way?
Men understand when a woman asks them to give fair warning before they ejaculate, and some can get out of the way at the last minute and continue with manual stimulation to help their partner experience orgasm.
The court noted that ample federal caselaw existed at the time of the challenged conduct to give fair warning to officials that it was unconstitutional to hold a detainee in solitary confinement 500 days, for punishment, with virtually no procedural protection in the form of periodic reviews.
the regulations are sufficiently definite to give fair warning as to what will be considered a more stringent state privacy law.
Consider building in notification procedures, where both parties give fair warning when a deadline is going to be missed.
Give fair warning to your parents about how often you plan to be away from home.