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Give force to accomplishments by using action verbs, and offer proof.
In what would give force to the charge that the government was influencing the probe, the court directed the CBI to bring back an officer who had been removed from the investigation team.
At the same time, the Turkish parliament and the judiciary do not give force to religious considerations in respect to public deliberations.
As Chief Justice Charles Canady has noted, judges give force to the rule of law.
But Mr Miliband said the Prime Minister was giving "no leadership on top pay" and said the failure to give force to the legislation on bonuses was "another broken promise".
Taking the standpoint of liberal naturalism, the author claims that the Tarskian definition of truth in a language can be employed to give force to the view that semantic properties are genuine properties that capture the representational aspect of language.
Meanwhile, an official close to the prime minister questioned the role that the ministry may have played in realizing the meeting, saying, ''It could be a case in which the Foreign Ministry has tried to put 'gaiatsu' external pressure with the help of Clinton to give force to the existing plan.
Mr Todd said the current status of pre-nuptial contracts was unclear and he was asking the court to give force to an agreement entered into by parties which would have been binding in the countries of origin of both the former husband and wife.
Likewise, the Hebrew scriptures contain numerous examples of the dramatization of God's message: Jeremiah breaks a pot to give force to the image of God's wrath.
Over the beautifully illustrated pages of Zoo -A History of Zoological Gardens in the West, two French academics -Eric Baratay and Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier -have taken these surprising statistics to give force to a compelling argument that the enduring and often controversial appeal of zoos is as good a lens as any through which to view civilisations.
It looks to us like the government of Canada doesn't want to introduce a legislative amendment that would enshrine the current regulations that give force to the Aboriginal-only fisheries on the West Coast.