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One of the outstanding matters is enactment of a law to give force to the two-thirds gender rule, which is hampered by political intrigues and societal mindsets that militate against gender equity.
Amendments to the CPRA in Bill C-88 give force to the December 2016 Joint Arctic Leaders' Statement and were informed by feedback from rights holders and territorial and Northern Indigenous governments during consultations.
In what would give force to the charge that the government was influencing the probe, the court directed the CBI to bring back an officer who had been removed from the investigation team.
right to give force to the bill and submitted it to the Constitutional Court of France.
But Mr Miliband said the Prime Minister was giving "no leadership on top pay" and said the failure to give force to the legislation on bonuses was "another broken promise".
Taking the standpoint of liberal naturalism, the author claims that the Tarskian definition of truth in a language can be employed to give force to the view that semantic properties are genuine properties that capture the representational aspect of language.
Meanwhile, an official close to the prime minister questioned the role that the ministry may have played in realizing the meeting, saying, ''It could be a case in which the Foreign Ministry has tried to apply 'gaiatsu' (external pressure) with the help of Clinton to give force to the existing plan.''
Mr Todd said the current status of pre-nuptial contracts was unclear and he was asking the court to give force to an agreement entered into by parties which would have been binding in the countries of origin of both the former husband and wife..
It looks to us like the government of Canada doesn't want to introduce a legislative amendment that would enshrine the current regulations that give force to the Aboriginal-only fisheries on the West Coast.
The purpose of representative institutions, on this account, was not so much to express the people's will as to gather and give force to the wisdom of what he called 'the capable ones,' largely seated, in his mind, in the emerging middle classes.
She also uses the proscribed cultural form of the blues to structure and give force to what she refers to as the "blues relationships between black men and women," showing that the blues are a site for the serious examination of the complicated interplay of identity and desire (Liberating 191, 160).
According to the Preamble, the IRS chose the "disposition approach" over the "lock-in approach"(9) for a number of reasons including: (1) to eliminate the practical need for costly E&P studies to determine stock basis; (2) to eliminate the need for transitional rules to address whipsaw and planning opportunities arising from duplication or omission of items under duplicate systems; (3) to eliminate the need to maintain both systems for an indefinite time, and thereby avoiding significant compliance and guidance burdens for both the taxpayers and the government; and (4) to give force to section 1503(e)(1)(A), which requires modifications to stock basis-- retroactive to 1972--that are similar to modifications under the proposed rules.