give formal approval to

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He was chairing a meeting to give formal approval to the e-transfer policy at his office.
ISLAMABAD -- The much awaited new inflation rebasing mechanism is likely to be implemented within a month or two as the new government has already come into power to give formal approval to it for execution.
Duncan Gellatly, Ink Business Manager, Xr said, Xennia is an important digital ink supplier to the ceramic tile industry and we are pleased to give formal approval to the XenInx Zircon inks.
EASA will would give formal approval to repairs designed to eliminate cracks on wing components on the Airbus A380 The European Aviation Safety Agency said on Monday Apr.
Summary: George Osborne will join fellow EU finance ministers in Brussels to give formal approval to an economic bail-out package for Portugal.
Israel labeled the Mitchell-Netanyahu meeting Wednesday as the beginning of the mediation, while Palestinians insisted they still had to give formal approval to the process over the weekend.
The meeting was to give formal approval to the purchase of 29.9 per cent of Birmingham City agreed in June, but doubts remain about whether Yeung and his associates can stump up the rest of the cash to complete the takeover.
Dave Budd, Executive councillor for regeneration, will be asked on Monday to give formal approval to the name.
The Radio Regulatory Council's selection paved the way for the ministry to shortly give formal approval to the 18 entities for entry into so-called CS digital broadcasting.