give foundation

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"I was confident we would give Foundation a good run for his money, but to see him do it as he did was really exciting," recalls Walker.
2 A primer isn't an optional extra - give foundation a head start with Smashbox's silky new primer that helps to minimise pores.
“My favorite benefit that is unique to the brush: you can use the cone-shaped cleansing head to give foundation an air-brushed look.
But the union said it continues to have huge concerns over the "over-reliance on market forces which remain at the core of the Bill" and "the proposals to give foundation trusts much more scope to generate income from private patients is hugely worrying and poses really serious risks."
It may be all you need on top of moisturiser, if you want to give foundation a miss.
Health Secretary Alan Milburn wants to give foundation trusts more financial freedom, including the ability to borrow, sell off assets, and retain surplus funds.
If agreed, the deal will give foundation to Mr Langford's ambitious target of supplanting Walls and Bowyers as Britain's top sausage brand within five years, Mr Langford, who launched the WSC at last year's Royal Welsh Winter Show, said: ``We made contact at the International Food Exhibition in London and the following day a buyer flew from Hong Kong to discuss details.''
Like genuine sun tanned skin, your fresh, bright appearance will allow you to give foundation a miss to let your colour shine through.
A Dundee East Craigie refer to themselves as Scotland's oldest junior club, having been formed in 1880, but others, such as Vale of Clyde and Larkhall Thistle, give foundation dates that are earlier so that claim is clearly disputed.
It's transparent and sets matte to give foundation something to stick to.
* But the Government has not gone far enough to allow a wide range of providers to deliver NHS treatments or to give foundation hospitals and GPs real autonomy.