give freedom

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And this is my own opinion; for, where he could and should give freedom to his pen in praise of so worthy a knight, he seems to me deliberately to pass it over in silence; which is ill done and worse contrived, for it is the business and duty of historians to be exact, truthful, and wholly free from passion, and neither interest nor fear, hatred nor love, should make them swerve from the path of truth, whose mother is history, rival of time, storehouse of deeds, witness for the past, example and counsel for the present, and warning for the future.
We are a nation having different kind of communities and beliefs and religions but we have to give freedom to every single person to have a peaceful society.
Well done to those at Liverpool City Council who had the vision and humanity to give freedom of the city to the 96 in a touching ceremony at St George's Hall last night.
He added, "Digital rights give freedom within the Lebanese Constitution, and the Constitution gives the right for knowing and giving opinions.
Talking about the new Defence Procurement Policy, Gupta said it will be effective from April and will have a new offset clause that will give freedom to change the sourcing model and local partner.
This message is to my forces, the organised forces, the army, security and the police to give freedom to the people of Wau state.
Ramadi / NINA / Anbar Provincial Council called on Saturday for the formation of an army force of the people of the province exclusively to fight the IS and give freedom of movement and fighting after providing them with weapons.
Yu continues to explain that the car is designed to give freedom to the driver.
The City Growth Commission suggests that the Government should give freedom to individual cities to operate as "whole systems" so they can have more say in making decisions in the best interests of their areas, rather than relying on central decision-making on infrastructure investment.
In prepaid category, multiple validity bundles are available to give freedom and flexibility to our customers," said said Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan.
If we're going to give freedom to the University of Oregon, we should give freedom to the university outside the HECC," he said.