give freely

See: bestow
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The dedicated forces of volunteers also give freely of themselves and their expertise.
The fact is that there is something very English about Carwyn, his didactic and detached temperament; his emotional self-control, his refusal always to give freely of his thoughts, all contradict an intensely Welsh upbringing.
CATHY: I don't think that many people understand that being a member of St John Ambulance is voluntary, and the amount of time that we as members give freely to keep the organisation going.
They also bring the whole school community together to celebrate the achievements of our many sporting teams and recognise the hard work and commitment of our staff who give freely of their time during the dinner hour and after school.
We had offers of support from Universities, and people like Professor Carl Chinn who were willing to give freely of their time.
In creating a great camp experience, staff members must give freely of themselves and their time.
These include the volunteers who give freely of their time and the shop manager employed by the trust.
All she did was give freely of her time to a charity and instead of praise she got criticism," he added.
This fundraiser is a one-off event but I'll see what feedback there is and would consider doing more with Escape in the future Janet Murphy said: "I'm delighted that Malcolm has so kindly agreed to give freely of his valuable time to help us fundraise to support the work of Escape.
It proves that ordinary people do not need to be lectured about doing the right thing and will give freely when asked.