give ground

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But oil majors have also been forced to foot a hefty bill to cover NNPC's portion of joint venture project costs, making them unlikely to give ground. At issue is how much oil NNPC gets each month and how much it has to give to majors to cover costs under PSCs that help Nigeria export some 2 million barrels per day (bpd).
NNA - Iran sees "no more room" for negotiations on the design of its Arak reactor, Tehran's nuclear chief said, refusing to give ground on a key issue in international negotiations.
Summary: Tehran's nuclear chief says Iran sees 'no more room' for negotiations on design of its Arak reactor, refusing to give ground.
The United States and European Union -- of which Switzerland is not a member -- have repeatedly pushed the Alpine country to give ground as they try to crack down on tax cheats who stash cash abroad.
He forced Bishop to give ground and the referee waved the fight off after just 60 seconds.
John Williams, chairman of the L&DCC, said: "The Management and Cricket Committees, having consulted clubs right across the L&DCC and listened to the views being expressed, have unanimously decided that, in the best interests of L&DCC cricket, the start of the season will be delayed by one week so as to give ground staff more opportunity to prepare playing surfaces.
The weakness also represented a culmination of two months of broad based pressure on the greenback, as anticipation of these events has seen it give ground more or less consistently since before Ramadan.
It took her a while to settle in a slowly-run race and had to give ground away by challenging on the outside.
The EU has banned oil imports from Iran and although the Iranian economy is suffering, Tehran is refusing to give ground; meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guards are profiting
Bulgaria, given the fiscal stability about which it is so keen to boast, but also given its reliance on foreign investment, is unlikely to give ground on the taxation issue; and it is sure to remind its EU partners of its keen support for the key elements of the pact.
The Lib-Dems frankly had little choice but to give ground in their alliance with the Tories, and it was them who watered down the Lib-Dem manifesto, and it was them who forced the LDs hand on the issue of tuition fees.
The president said the compromise required everyone, including himself, to give ground on issues that were important to them.