give ground

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Both sides have had to give ground, which is what has to be done.
So Obama could have decided to make a tactical retreat before Obama's offensive and give ground until the right time comes for the US president's final showdown with the Jewish state, Naoum said.
The British champion, whose capacity for taking body punches had been suspect, stood up to them without flinching, and two or three occasions that there were toe-totoe exchanges of blows, it was always Robinson who was first to give ground.
Washington has proposed cutting $2bn of subsidies paid to US farmers in return for which emerging economies will be required to give ground on allowing greater access to their markets.
It will not only give ground and roast coffee drinkers more choice, but will also appeal to loyal Twinings tea drinkers, providing an easy first choice into real coffee," said David Whiffen, Sainsbury's hot beverages buyer.
GORDON Brown piled pressure on France yesterday to give ground on European farm subsidies.
WASHINGTON -- A new weapons carrier that has already proved itself under fire in Iraq will give ground troops a more mobile platform for firing rockets and missiles when it's fielded to operational units beginning this spring.
Nevertheless, Schalke refuse to give ground to Felix Magath's men, and they won 2-0 at Bochum thanks to goals from dependable Brazilian forwards Ailton and Lincoln.
Home Secretary Charles Clarke was coming under intense pressure today to give ground on his controversial new anti-terrorism powers as the measure faces its final Commons hurdle.
Negotiations began in July 2002 and both sides were unwilling to give ground.
The hands (palms) are extended with the arms nearly locked out, and the blockers give ground grudgingly as they retreat.
Putin on June 18, speaking to US journalists following his first meeting with Bush, said the treaty had been amended before, a comment that defence analysts said indicated that Moscow understood that it had to give ground to save the ABM Treaty.