give heed

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Give heed, my brethren, to every hour when your spirit would speak in similes: there is the origin of your virtue.
Carr was too absorbed in business to give heed to what he looked upon as a convulsion of society as natural as a geological upheaval, and too prudent to provoke the criticism of his daughters by comment in their presence.
And, now" said he, "do you keep on charging the pistols, and give heed to me."
And if I write in French, which is the language of my country, in preference to Latin, which is that of my preceptors, it is because I expect that those who make use of their unprejudiced natural reason will be better judges of my opinions than those who give heed to the writings of the ancients only; and as for those who unite good sense with habits of study, whom alone I desire for judges, they will not, I feel assured, be so partial to Latin as to refuse to listen to my reasonings merely because I expound them in the vulgar tongue.
The knight, however, was too much intent upon the matter in hand to give heed to the flippancy of his squire.
Never mind the manner, which may or may not be good; but think only of the truth of my words, and give heed to that: let the speaker speak truly and the judge decide justly.
Teachers are also counselling the students not to give heed to any rumours and focus on their studies," said Amit Sharma, a teacher at ML Higher Secondary School here.
Vigneswaran also asked members of the house to give heed to the advice of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on the importance of enhancing governance and integrity as well as combating corruption and defending the rule of law.
He appealed to the government to call meeting of the owners of kilns and give heed to their just demands keeping in view the ground realities.
'The Islamabad people don't give heed to any notice from Sindh High Court,' the bench remarked.
He also urged masses to not give heed to such conspiracies and cooperate with health teams in making vaccination campaign a success so that we could get rid of this debilitating disease.
He said that he believed in uniform development of the districts of the province and he did not give heed to a single area rather wanted equal progress and prosperity of the backward areas of the province.