give hope

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It was done completely; not a remnant of light in the wick could give hope to the rekindling breath.
In real life the bitterest grief doggedly takes its rest and dries its eyes; the heaviest despair sinks to a certain level, and stops there to give hope a chance of rising, in spite of us.
Then, through the winter, must I seek the dwellings of the poor and suffering, comfort the sick and lonely, and give hope and courage to those who in their poverty are led astray.
Vholes with the severity of a determined man, "when I ultimately congratulate you, sir, with all my heart, on your accession to fortune--which, but that I never give hopes, I might say something further about--you will owe me nothing beyond whatever little balance may be then outstanding of the costs as between solicitor and client not included in the taxed costs allowed out of the estate.
It's hoped the portraits, now on the walls outside the neonatal unit at University Hospital, will give hope to the parents of hundreds of premature babies looked after at the hospital each year.
STEPHEN KENNY believes Dundalk will give hope to every small club in Europe if they can take their Champions League fairytale all the way to the group stages.
But more than the food and material gifts, Medina said what made them happier was to be able to give hope to the kids in the slum area and inspire them that they can be whatever they dream to be.
The artists involved in this event are donating their art work to the cause in the hope that their contribution will help the policy centre continue to give hope to children by working towards upholding, protecting and ensuring that children's rights are put in place.
Folk Oil Company, a local CITGO Petroleum Corporation Marketer, and its PS Food Mart Stores, surpassed last years fundraising efforts by more than $8,000 in its seventh annual Fight Hunger Give Hope campaign.
AL SHARQ AL AWSAT: France endeavours to pump new blood into peace operation Al SiSi welcomes Paris's efforts and calls for "international guarantees that give hope to the Palestinians" AL HAYAT: Jumblatt honours Turkish ambassador: Situation of the Druze in Syria is a political matter AL MOUSTAQBAL: Minister of the Environment talks of suggesting a cabinet session within two weeks or two sessions in one week Yazigi to Al Moustaqbal: No to federalism ANNAHAR: Cabinet's vacation continues with pressure on Salam to end it Hope hangs on Berri-Jumblatt movement to find a solution R.
Doctors at Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Centre and engineers from research centre Battelle say the development - called Neurobridge - should give hope to millions of people.
Professor Chris Bunce, research director at Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, added: "In the immediate term, these results give hope of effective, life-prolonging treatment to those CLL patients who previously had few options left.