give legal force

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Yes, gay people need to give legal force to their relationships but for that we have civil unions, not a onesize fits all marriage, cut down to suit the romantic whims of adults.
The United States, Britain and France want a resolution that uses Chapter VII of the UN Charter to give legal force to the plan.
There is also a proposal to give legal force to the so-called Char- ter of Fundamental Rights, which will be good for lawyers but bad for everybody else.
Ministers Jack McConnell, Tom McCabe and Henry McLeish tried to defuse the row last week when they tabled a U-turn amendment to the Education Bill which would give legal force to sex education guidance.
The new OSHA standard is a bold move to codify and give legal force to protocols designed to stem concerns of both health care recipients and health care providers about the transmission of HIV and HBV in health care settings.
s Successive Dublin governments have failed to give legal force to a 1992 ruling by the Supreme Court that abortion should be lawful when a woman's life is in danger.
Yesterday's final declaration from a two-day meeting of socialist party leaders from the 15 EU countries was expected to include the controversial demand to give legal force to the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Mr Salmond was also attacked for his plan to give legal force to hospital waiting time guarantees.