give lessons

See: educate
References in classic literature ?
Madame is in the wrong to laugh," I observed; "if she does not give lessons, I am sure it is not because she cannot;" and I whipped out a white pocket-handkerchief and wafted it, with a French grace, past my nose, bowing at the name time.
In the first place it would be a change to give lessons in another seminary, and then to teach young ladies would be an occupation so interesting--to be admitted at all into a ladies' boarding-school would be an incident so new in my life.
Dounia was at once asked to give lessons in several families, but she refused.
Daily, too, he continued to give lessons to his pupils, and the rest of the time he spent in singing psalms.
Of course the lads found out what was going on, and chaffed the girls about the "Seminary," as they called the new enterprise; but they thought it a good thing on the whole, kindly offered to give lessons in Greek and Latin gratis, and decided among themselves that "Rose was a little trump to give the Phebe-bird such a capital boost.
Volunteers who run the Galley Common stables have launched a Christmas Appeal in aid of their ponies, which give lessons to adult and young disabled people.
Porn lessons SCHOOLS should give lessons on pornography to teach pupils that it shows a "distorted image" of sex and relationships, according to new guidance.
Summary: Lamamra slams critics of Egyptian Foreign Minister's visit and says 'nobody can give lessons to Algeria in this matter.
TV scientist Brian Cox is heading back to the classroom to give lessons in what?
In contrast, the staff in The Barefoot Studio and The Health Shop should give lessons on how to treat customers.
A qualified dance teachers will give lessons on a basic waltz and help people brush up on their dance skills.
The course open to only to students with Masters degree, will also give lessons on body language, public-speaking, stress management and presentation skills.