give life to

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References in classic literature ?
A HEN who had patiently hatched out a brood of vipers, was accosted by a Swallow, who said: "What a fool you are to give life to creatures who will reward you by destroying you.
In a nutshell: A couple of fine actors give life to a complex play.
Not surprisingly, it is the later events that give life to this biography and make it a fascinating lesson in history as it really was.
Will he try to give life to his personal, very liberal views, or seek to balance out the interests of all segments of this diverse city?
Virtools' comprehensive software solutions enable companies to give life to 3D by creating applications with rich game-like 3D interactivity.
Judith Helton was able to give life to a part of history that we don't hear about that often, and really helped convey the challenges the Adamses went through to help build our country.
THOUSAND OAKS - A dead oak tree will soon give life to a memorial honoring Thousand Oaks' first resident classified as missing in action during the Vietnam War.
The idea, said Newhall Land spokeswoman Marlee Lauffer, is that Montecito's residents will give life to Town Center Drive throughout the day, balancing out its commercial functions and making it a ``truly mixed-use street.
Thus began a conversation between the two on film, with Tragos gently but insistently probing her mother to dredge up and piece together old memories and to flesh out and give life to the shadowy figure of a daughter's dream.
While it is important that we not diminish our efforts and resolve to fully explore and give life to Valley cityhood, our parallel involvement with charter reform has many of the same underlying goals and objectives as the cityhood movement, not the least of which is a more responsive and efficient governmental structure that is more decentralized and more responsive to citizen needs and participation.
This award represents a small, but rather important, recognition in our journey as we try to give life to our Core Purpose of Advancing the Practice of Principled Entrepreneurship," said Atul Jain, Chairman & CEO, of TEOCO Corporation.
Interestingly, Michael himself became an organ donor, as he had expressed his wishes to donate his healthy organs after he died in order to give life to others who, like him, were waiting for organ transplants.