give money

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It is wholly against my principles to give money away to people of this class.
In well-ordered States they are commonly those who are the weakest in bodily strength, and therefore of little use for any other purpose; their duty is to be in the market, and to give money in exchange for goods to those who desire to sell and to take money from those who desire to buy.
You'll get up concerts, and chase people about for autographs and give money your parents give you and that doesn't cost you either time or labour.
I am certain you are still a gentleman, and therefore I give you the money as one gentleman may give money to another.
He had never dreamed before that it could be so difficult to give money away.
For if you die I shall not only lose a friend who can never be replaced, but there is another evil: people who do not know you and me will believe that I might have saved you if I had been willing to give money, but that I did not care.
As a matter of fact the necessity of having to pay, to actually give money to people, infuriated the pious Therese.
I witnessed this event soon after reading a controversial interview in a Milanese magazine with Pope Francis in which he argued that people should not hesitate to give money directly to the poor.
Amanda Walmsley: "Whilst I agree in principle, obviously the charities are going say give the money to us and that's great and all but when it's being used to pay high salaries, personally I'd rather give money to people direct.
In Ramazan people give money generously so I usually ask for help in Ramazan,' she said.
Almost half of donors (47%) give money to three to five organizations, and 15% give to six or more.
Cleveland Police are now warning residents to be "extra careful" if someone calls at their home, and are urging residents not to give money to anyone visiting their home.