give notice

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This would mean that we would continue to elect MEPs for the next term and have a say in the budget; the UK Governments continues to have a strong say in EU policy; we would be in a much stronger negotiating position when we give notice of withdrawal; we would retain the option to stay.
The truth is that Jordan is well within its rights to give notice of the termination of those leases, and for the past quarter century the leaseholders there have enjoyed the benefits of farming and living off land that is expressly Jordanian.
This argument most often is asserted where a policyholder gave information regarding a claim to its insurance broker and relied on the broker to give notice to any responsible insurers.
LOCATION OF SITE North Side Birtley NATURE OF APPLICATION Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) of DC/13/01069/OUT to amend retrospectively the Tensar wall design to the western boundary, amend the retaining wall structures to the eastern boundary, amend the landscape scheme, amend the window design, including details of lighting scheme and energy efficiency measures TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING (DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT PROCEDURE) (England) ORDER 2015 ARTICLE 15 (4) I GIVE NOTICE that Adventure Forest Ltd is applying to Gateshead Council for planning permission for the development below ref: DC/15/00262/COU.
Monday - Thursday 11.00-23.00 Friday-Saturday 11.00-00.00 and Sunday 12.00-23.00 Interested parties or responsible authorities wishing to oppose the application must give notice in writing to: The Trading Standards & Licensing Manager, PO Box 232, 16 Church Road, Stockton on Tees, TS18 1XD by 30th March 2015.
The new laws aim to crack down on loan modification scams, extend the number of days banks are required to give notice before foreclosing on a home and demand that banks provide upkeep on foreclosed homes to avoid degradation of property values.
The new regulations would oblige miners to give notice six months in advance of the area they intend to clear trees.
It is less common but it is possible for the contract to also include an express provision allowing for the employer to give notice to the employee that they are to take annual leave.
Coun Cook had been furious about the decision to give notice to temporary staff and offer the full-time staff voluntary redundancy.
However, residents must give notice of their questions in writing by 5pm on March 9.
That doesn't mean all our editors are pleased with AP or that we don't have issues with AP, but we don't plan at this point to give notice."
The IRS is required to give notice only to the LLC, by certified mail.