give notice to

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These governors give notice to the adjacent places that the army is to march that way on such a day, and that they are assessed such a quantity of bread, beer, and cows.
16 was made for a 7-day annual licence for Cosy Bar 44/50 Omeath St Belfast BT6 8DN Permitting dancing, singing or music or entertainment of a like kind Representations in relation to this application may give notice to the Head of Building Control, 5th Floor, 9 Lanyon Place Belfast BT1 3LP, stating in general terms the nature of the representation, no later than 28 days after the date of the application.
Winton said member newspapers often give notice, adding that some of them have been more public this year because of the new rate structure: "It is not uncommon for newspapers, including large ones, to give notice to AP to get a better deal.
It's extremely sad to have to give notice to skilled co-workers, but the final JAS 39 Gripen will be delivered to the Swedish customer in 2007.
The new law requires firms with non-CPA owners give notice to clients that non-CPA owners may participate in providing or performing client services.
After taking up the running three out, Jardines Lookout (Mick Kinane) maintains his advantage over Give Notice to land the Goodwood Cup in course-record time EDWARD WHITAKER
He explained: 'We have a tight deadline under trade union law, and everyone knows we have a limited period to give notice to commence action, within 28 days.
SAS, the Scandinavian airline, has reportedly suspected lately that staff at the luggage handling unit at the foreign terminal had been emptying passengers' bags, and when the 12 suspects were arrested by police SAS said that it would give notice to them.
To avoid annual exclusion challenges, the tax adviser should highlight the objective indicators of the client's benevolent intent: (1) the trustee should be required to give notice to beneficiaries of their withdrawal rights and (2) the trust agreement should allow a reasonable time period to make withdrawals.
A passthrough partner that is not provided notice as the law provides cannot be expected to give notice to the indirect partners.