give notice to

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These governors give notice to the adjacent places that the army is to march that way on such a day, and that they are assessed such a quantity of bread, beer, and cows.
Any person wishing to make representation in relation to the application shall give notice to the Council, stating in general terms the nature of the representation, not later tban 28 days after the date of the application, which was: 27th day of March 2019 Desmond Quinn 29 Springmount Road Ballygowan BT23 6NF
LINZ says there are a number of situations under the new Act when people need to give notice to the Registrar-General of Land.
"Under Rule 198 (b) of Chapter XVII of the Rule of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha, I hereby give notice to move the following motion in the House on 27-03-2018.
This argument most often is asserted where a policyholder gave information regarding a claim to its insurance broker and relied on the broker to give notice to any responsible insurers.
Give notice early to all insurers: Coordinate promptly with the company's insurance broker to give notice to the appropriate insurers.
"In his ruling the judge has confirmed the appointment of administrators cannot be challenged simply on the grounds of a failure to give notice to the company.
They added that ANP local leaders are unhappy with this act of the MPA and other office bearers and workers and now some district office bearers have decided that they will give show case notices to these office bearers and they also requested the provincial cabinet to give notice to MPA because district cabinet has no authority to give notice to MPA.
It is less common but it is possible for the contract to also include an express provision allowing for the employer to give notice to the employee that they are to take annual leave.
Coun Cook had been furious about the decision to give notice to temporary staff and offer the full-time staff voluntary redundancy.
Winton said member newspapers often give notice, adding that some of them have been more public this year because of the new rate structure: "It is not uncommon for newspapers, including large ones, to give notice to AP to get a better deal.
We have to give notice to bin Laden that he is our enemy, but we have to fight our main enemy first.