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I mean inches away, with the exception of florescent lights which give off measurable readings at a fair distance.
REPLY: Xenon headlights give off a blue effect from certain angles and distances but return to white on level roads.
To give off a confident air, appear to expand beyond your physical space.
Although it seemed rather flimsy for a 450-pound bear, Bonkers has been trained to stay inside enclosures surrounded by wires that give off a small electrical charge when touched.
with my 186 milliliters of wine, I'm going to glow anyway, going to give off a cabernet aura and it's easy to feel the flow from pineal gland to root sensor where the resonant field of my subtle bodies blossom and rise - After the little while,
Some fruits give off ethylene, which accelerates ripening in some cases.
The device, which detects the characteristic light given off by an uncontrolled flame, could be hooked into a telephone or personal computer to notify the fire department automatically and give off audio safety instructions when a fire starts.
In the process of the bombardment, the nucleus of the aluminum atom would absorb an alpha particle and give off a proton.
They also selected building materials that do not give off significant amounts of toxic chemicals and solvents.
They now give off strong, unwavering light, come in shapes to fit most lamp and fixture designs and offer a variety of color tones for different applications.
Birds are the main hosts of mosquitoes and they also give off nonanal.