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According to the survey of over 1,000 consumers, conducted by the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA), 71.3% of respondents said they feel very satisfied when they receive a retail gift card as a gift, and 91.4% said they plan to give one to three retail gift cards as presents in the next three months.
"Vera Wang, Giuseppi Zanotti, Judith Leiber, Williams-Sonoma and my Glam Squad have all come on board to help me give one couple the most amazing wedding package," she stated.
One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit organisation which provides laptops to children in remote and poor areas of the world, is extending its Give One Get One program beyond the initial two-week limited time offer through to 31 December 2007 in the USA and Canada.
Andrew Barras, 26, engineer, Gateshead: I'd give one to Ant and Dec because they're down to earth and a really good laugh.
Although I am a romance writer, if I could only give one book, it would be a nonfiction, history book: Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America (7th edition) by Lerone Bennett Jr.
And in those cases where we disagree, we should at least give one another the opportunity to express points of view.
Greenlaw's lunch date there with her mentor and friend of 25 years, Alden Leeman, provides the framework for the series of stories she shares with readers--the very stories, or so the author alleges (though the book's title may give one pause)--that she and Alden and hangers on at their table swapped that day at the Dry Dock over a very extended luncheon.
I have always prayed that when, in my heart and soul, I felt that I could no longer give one hundred per cent, that God would give me the grace and wisdom to discern that the time had come to move on," he wrote.
To work, we remember, is to give one's attention to the object of labor rather than to oneself--and when I need to imagine myself working, I suspect my mind will conjure this image.
And the Echo has teamed up with Brace's Bread to give one lucky City supporter the chance of following his or her favourite team in the Nationwide League all season for FREE!
To sit with Jesus is not to be served but to serve, and to give one's life as a ransom for many.
How I'd love to be in charge in Iraq for just long enough to give one order.