give orders

References in classic literature ?
I entreated his imperial majesty to give orders it might be brought to me as soon as possible, describing to him the use and the nature of it: and the next day the waggoners arrived with it, but not in a very good condition; they had bored two holes in the brim, within an inch and half of the edge, and fastened two hooks in the holes; these hooks were tied by a long cord to the harness, and thus my hat was dragged along for above half an English mile; but, the ground in that country being extremely smooth and level, it received less damage than I expected.
No need," he cried, "to give orders to such leaders of the Argives as you are, for of your own selves you spur your men on to fight with might and main.
Counsel prayed court that it should give orders to federal government for registration of Mili Muslim League.
Presidential Communications Secretary Martivn Andanar Thursday said he did not think President Duterte would give orders to bomb mosques and kill Muslims, as claimed by a Senate witness today.
But there must be a clear political will at the executive level to give orders to the army and the security forces so that they pursue the kidnappers to the very end," he said.
The court should give orders to take grave actions against the doctors," the petitioner pleaded.
The joint force will be under a single command from either country, meaning French officers could give orders to our special forces.
Prayer is not a time to give orders but to report for duty.
This strange site lets you give orders to a man dressed as a chicken.
But crucially he will be robbed of the powers granted to predecessor Alastair Campbell to give orders to civil servants.
Various appendices give orders of battle, individual service organization and squadrons, and carrier deployments.
did not give orders to kill Palestinians is faulty.