give origin

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This transaction will give origin to Banco Paris in the last quarter of this year and will receive temporarily the technical assistance and technology of Grupo Santander and its subsidiaries.
The mechanisms underlying the regulatory pathways that give origin to specific effects in distinct brain nuclei are not well understood.
The first consists of the events that establish listener responses to action names, and that then give origin to responses to action frames and modifiers.
As well as the expected operations management and business continuity responsibilities, ELM contracts give Origin responsibility for innovation, consulting and implementation.
This will give Origin the ability to produce and cross-sell its own suite of agricultural products with an established fertilizer and pesticide brand throughout China.
This will give Origin the ability to deliver its services on a truly worldwide scale, a capacity that few rival services companies are currently capable of delivering.
The deal will boost Woodside's coffers as it seeks to divest non-core assets to finance its bigger and more lucrative liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects, and will also give Origin greater access to the exploration upside of the area and boost its income.
If you fancy popping along next year, or would like to sample some of this year's wines, give Origin a ring on 0781 6162687 and ask for Little Duggy Lowe - he'll sort you right out.
Lassarte (11) believes that the tax levied on the barter is due because the civil obligation is already originated in the pact by which the parties commit themselves to barter, and calls to discuss whether the tax should be paid to the first tax collector or to the second one when the barter pact--which the common law says does not give origin to the civil obligation unless it is tied together to another contract, or were stipulated by the parties--is carried out during one tax collector's period, and the delivery [is carried out] during another tax collector's period when the civil obligation starts to be in force.
The joint speculation brought up by Krakatau Steel and NSSMC will give origin to a new and different joint venture in which 80% of shares is held by NSSMC and is to be known as, Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin .
It says they are unrelated but unfortunately doesn't give origins.