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After removal of the adipose tissue and folding of the psoas muscles, the ventral branches of the lumbar and sacral spinal nerves of both antimeres were observed, which give origin to the right and left femoral nerves.
The joint speculation brought up by Krakatau Steel and NSSMC will give origin to a new and different joint venture in which 80% of shares is held by NSSMC and is to be known as, Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin .
Axillary artery may give origin to a common trunk from its third part from which anterior circumflex humeral, posterior circumflex humeral, subscapular and profunda brachii arteries may arise.
Typically the ventral anastomosis and the 11th and 12th vitelline arteries regress, while the 10th and 13th roots give origin to the celiac trunk and the SMA, respectively.
For instance, the immediacy with which news is updated may give origin to several ethical issues.
Spontaneous genes and spontaneous proteins did appear on the primitive Earth but could not give origin to cells because they did not have biological specificity.
The same chain of nucleotides, in other words, can give origin to many sequences of codons, and it is always the codemaker that determines the sequence because it is the codemaker that defines the codons.
Lassarte (11) believes that the tax levied on the barter is due because the civil obligation is already originated in the pact by which the parties commit themselves to barter, and calls to discuss whether the tax should be paid to the first tax collector or to the second one when the barter pact--which the common law says does not give origin to the civil obligation unless it is tied together to another contract, or were stipulated by the parties--is carried out during one tax collector's period, and the delivery [is carried out] during another tax collector's period when the civil obligation starts to be in force.
(5) show that relational expressions give origin to structures, i.e., structured combinations of verbal expressions;
It is very likely, however, that the main reason why MacCorquodale's paper had only a minimal impact on psycholinguists is that it attributes grammatical behavior to "abstract generalizations", without specifying the nature of the events that give origin to the generalizations, the nature of these generalization processes, the properties that control the generalizations, and the empirical evidence showing the behavioral efficacy of the generalization classes.
The mechanisms underlying the regulatory pathways that give origin to specific effects in distinct brain nuclei are not well understood.
The first consists of the events that establish listener responses to action names, and that then give origin to responses to action frames and modifiers.