give pain

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And when we learn better to enjoy ourselves, then do we unlearn best to give pain unto others, and to contrive pain.
Karain stared stonily; and looking at his rigid figure, I thought of his wanderings, of that obscure Odyssey of revenge, of all the men that wander amongst illusions faithful, faithless; of the illusions that give joy, that give sorrow, that give pain, that give peace; of the invincible illusions that can make life and death appear serene, inspiring, tormented, or ignoble.
Off we go to the gym till our limbs complain, And try to ignore it, when muscles give pain.
10, Boots benzocaine to or mer Enamel Care ARM & Hammer Enamel Care Sensitive toothpaste contains liquid calcium and is proven to give pain relief for sensitive teeth for up to 16 weeks.
It will be necessary in cases of simple inoculation calculated to give pain but not involving any surgical operation.
Acupuncture will help with local inflammation and give pain relief.
She said further improvements had been made since the survey, including training nurses to give pain relief to patients once they had been seen by a triage nurse.
In other words, for pain, you give pain medication.
In the clinical setting, Low Level Light Therapy has proven effective for many conditions to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair; give pain relief; resolve inflammation; and improve function of damaged neurological tissue.
Now researchers believe it could give pain relief to arthritis sufferers, while having no known side effects.