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how could these protests not give pause to potential Broadway investors?
Beston raised these issues a century ago, and yet they and his other observations about nature still give pause, proving readers with a poetic reason to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Marked might not stand out on a comic book rack, but it would certainly give pause to someone browsing in a religious book store where it is just as likely to be found.
As the author is careful to point out, past interpretation should give pause to those who would use the Bible to build new empires.
The participants' conclusion--that the Western Hemisphere security situation is "extremely volatile and dangerous" and that the challenges of good governance and security need to be addressed lest the issue resolve itself in ways not to our liking--should give pause to security decisionmakers.
Fleeting puppet nudity may give pause to the ultraconservative.
That should give pause to those who would dismiss the power of broadcast TV, which is admittedly waning but still formidable.
Does political instability in places like Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela give pause to Spanish investors?
Inevitably, it will fall to libraries and research departments to make the book available, although in these days of tight book budgets the price may also give pause to institutional purchasers.
Here's something to give pause to those people at other vehicle manufacturing companies who imagine that their position in the light truck market is unassailable: "We are on a serious mission to build light truck market share that will match our strong car presence in the U.