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blacks, and things he has said on the China-Taiwan issue indicating that Japan would get involved if a crisis arose in the Taiwan Strait, give pause for thought about how he would fulfill the premier's global role, some political analysts said.
The images of a dwarf's passion for a voluptuous opera singer will give pause for thought," says Deleau.
His death should give pause for thought in 1996 to both Israeli and Palestinian critics of an imperfect peace.
He may also hope his trip to Russia will give pause for thought to some in the West who are nervous about the prospect of a rapprochement between Moscow and Ankara at a time when Turkey's ties with NATO and the EU are under strain.
Nevertheless, plans to knock down an entire block of buildings in the centre of Huddersfield does give pause for thought.
Prices start at more than pounds 16,000, which is certainly not cheap, but the list of standard kit must give pause for thought.