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Prices start at more than pounds 16,000, which is certainly not cheap, but the list of standard kit must give pause for thought.
Due to celebrate his 40th birthday later this month, Mr Davies said: "It does give pause for thought. You've probably had the best working years of your life.
The language did give pause for thought, admits McKneely but he says it remains effective "when you say those words with the intent".
He is highly likely not to choose such a course - fights with the bookies have always ended with a bloody nose for greyhound racing - but the fact he is there might give pause for thought to those who hold the purse strings.
There are, however, some parts of Bashir's cease-fire declaration that should give pause for thought, because they smack of his administration's past reluctance to confront tough realities.
However, consideration of the current situation in Russia does give pause for thought.