give permission

References in classic literature ?
Pint of wine too, if they like it, and the authorities give permission.
The district administration and law enforcement agencies in consultation with each other will decide to give permission or otherwise.
CDA neither give permission to WASA Rawalpindi for installing tube wells in its areas nor it gave permission of NOC and has expressed it clearly that if WASA installed tube wells by force than every thing will be demolished.
The city magistrate didn't give permission for the congregation.
A letter has been sent to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav requesting that he give permission for Kejriwal"s programme in Farrukhabad.
To complete the Bangalore-Mysore track doubling work, Tippu Sultan s armoury would have to be shifted, The state has given permission, but the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is yet to give permission.
He said: "The mere fact this was a claim for millions of pounds is almost in itself a compelling reason to give permission.
The mere fact that this was a claim for millions of pounds is almost in itself a compelling reason to give permission to appeal.
This past spring, five schools were run as public schools, but both the city and the state are chartering schools nonstop--that is, they give permission to corporations and school-based organizations to run schools.
Redknapp was expected to return to Fratton Park after almost a year at Southampton ended with him walking out following Saints chairman Rupert Lowe's refusal to give permission for him to speak with Pompey.
The governor also received tough questions over Proposition 74 - raising the time teachers can get tenure from two years to five years - and Proposition 75 - and its requirement for union members to give permission to have union dues used for political campaigns.
A girl of 14 would be encouraged to tell her parents; but if she was unable to do so, two doctors can give permission for an abortion.