give place to

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The virtues, also, such as justice, self-restraint, and so on, are not easily dislodged or dismissed, so as to give place to vice.
The polished gentleman disappeared to give place to the bank robber.
At first the talk was a little gloomy, and ran mainly upon the shortness of life, the uncertainty of it, the perils which beset it, and the need and wisdom of being always prepared for the worst; this shaded off into low-voiced references to the dangers of the deep, and kindred matters; but as the gray east began to redden and the mysterious solemnity and silence of the dawn to give place to the joy-songs of the birds, the talk took a cheerier tone, and our spirits began to rise steadily.
With the universal adoption of Colour, all distinctions would cease; Regularity would be confused with Irregularity; development would give place to retrogression; the Workman would in a few generations be degraded to the level of the Military, or even the Convict Class; political power would be in the hands of the greatest number, that is to say the Criminal Classes, who were already more numerous than the Workmen, and would soon out-number all the other Classes put together when the usual Compensative Laws of Nature were violated.
The airy phantoms that flit before the distempered imaginations of some of its adversaries would quickly give place to the more substantial forms of dangers, real, certain, and formidable.
- the consultation is passed in open call for tender in application of articles l2124-2, r2161-2 to r2161-5 of the code of the public order.- the present consultation will give place to a framework agreement with purchase orders without minimum amount maximum, with an annual estimate for lot 1 of 200 000 euros and for lot 2 of 50 000 euros for both communities.
Unfortunately, contrary to Islamic teaching, the Muslim society failed to give place to woman.
He asked the political and religious parties not to give place to criminals or terrorists in their ranks.
We give place to reviews which include current information in our journal as much as possible and we aim to update our information with these reviews.
There will also be less flexibility for admissions staff at Coventry University to give place to applicants who have slightly lower grades than they need.
Rather, to be humble means "to give place to another." Any human relationship that values reciprocal attention is a humble relationship when one sentient individual gives place to another.