give proof

See: depose, testify
References in classic literature ?
Even had we not the proof of our own unhappy experience, the teachings and the records of the past give proof enough for sane peoples.
In which the King and the Lieutenant each give Proofs of Memory
He should either apologise or give proof of his statement.
Since the CBI raid, the JD-U has constantly asked Tejashwi to come clean on the allegations against him and give proof of his innocence to the masses but the latter has ignored.
He says secondary ticketing websites should take more action to prevent touts "harvesting" concert tickets and believes buyers should be forced to give proof of ID when they arrive at venues.
While the gangsters did not have to explain their wealth, ordinary citizens depositing a few thousand euro in a bank or building society were required to give proof of where they acquired the cash under money laundering regulation.
Sheikh Rohail Asghar informed the committee that Pakistan Monument hired 350 employees against the rules and regulations and he can give proof in this regard.
Proving the participation or support of a criminal organisation can give proof of the illegality of the means of obtaining the assets.
30 days to give proof it has the money to close the deal.
But because the new 512 core HPC cluster has more and faster CPUs, more RAM and larger storage capacity, and therefore is more than six times as powerful as the previous computer, GEA's Fluid Mechanics R&D team can now push the boundaries for what is possible even further--whether the job is to give proof of the performance of a given design, help trouble shooting on existing plants or developing new dryer components.
In its comment opposition, government lawyers said Estrada did not give proof that the unbearable pain in his shoulders cannot be treated at the PNP General Hospital, or near his detention room at the PNP Custodial Center.
It's time for parties to give proof of courage and take upon them the responsibility to ensure to all Libyans a future.