give public notice of

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1) At least 30 days in advance of the committee meeting at which a hearing is to be held with respect to a potential advisory opinion, the committee shall give public notice of the date, time, and place of the hearing, a general description of the subject matter of the request, the bar website and address where a full copy of state the question presented can be obtained, and invite written comments on the question.
In all three kinds of termination, it is wise to make clear when the executive's work obligation will end, when any compensation and benefits cease, and whose right it is to give public notice of the termination.
Northwest officials have said they will give public notice of any cancellations, and they don't anticipate many flights will be affected before the strike deadline.
USX is required to give public notice of which option it has elected not less than 30 nor more than 60 days after the closing.
A railway company planning such action must give public notice of its intention thereby providing an opportunity to concerned citizens and groups to comment on the proposal.