give quarter

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"Milor had better not wear that military coat," said he; "the Frenchmen have sworn not to give quarter to a single British soldier."
Roman identifies with Oswalt's struggle and grief as well, and her piece is a well-considered yet justifiably angry take on when judgment should give quarter to compassion.
White oak has long, showy rays, which are especially visible in quarter sawn lumber and give quarter sawn white oak its one-of-a-kind appearance.
With both sets of forwards refusing to give quarter, there were some abrasive challenges and strong tackles flying in early on and, from a turnover from one of these, Jersey ran the ball through several players the length of the pitch, before O'Conner's cross-field kick fell to Grant Pointer who, despite an unkind bounce, gathered the ball and forced his way over for Jersey's only try.
The guerrilla cannot afford to give quarter to traitors, spies, or deserters; and atrocities against enemy troops and their civilian sympathizers are common in waging war on the enemy's morale and political will.
With even online sales slowing, there is still considerable optimism that the Olympics and some late summer sun will give quarter three trading a boost.
Facing withering pressure, King John was forced to give quarter and submit to Innocent.
But Persian Punch, digging deeper than whatever nameless creatures gnaw the bowels of the earth, simply would not give quarter and the pair thundered past the exploding stands with racing's most popular horse a short head to the good.
Given her rate of progress she should give Quarter Moon a run for it and Weld has already tasted victory in the Irish Oaks which has rarely worked out in favour of Irish trainers.
According to him, the Act states thus:- Offences relating to sheltering and treating an armed robber, (1) It shall be an offence punishable under this Act for any person to knowingly house, shelter, or give quarters to any person who has committed an offence under section 1 (2) of this Act'.