give reason for

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The company, like past practice, did not give reason for jacking up prices.
I WOULD think that if the Scots left the union then Wales would be able to give reason for self government, and at the same token north Ireland would be able to pry away as well.
The new regulation does not specify if new rule covers Baghdad only or it includes other provinces; and it did not give reason for it.
THERE were many developments in 2006 that give reason for hope in 2007 -- school reform, bipartisanship cooperation in Sacramento, a house-cleaning in Washington, even movement on the nation's failed policy in Iraq.
the reaffirmed need for apologetics: to give reason for our hope with gentleness and respect;
No decisions have been made that give reason for any further comments at this point in time," said Carl Eric Stalberg, executive chairman of the board of Swedbank.
The Asian firms will never entirely fill the void resulting from decades of manufacturing loss in this city, but they do give reason for optimism.
Amidst poor investment returns and dropping share prices, however, certain areas still give reason for optimism within the industry.
00 would negate bullish outlook and give reason for concern.
The death of Yasser Arafat, the subsequent Palestinian elections and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza all give reason for a cautious optimism that peace may, in fact, be attainable.
Cortecs has persevered with its insulin program for many years and recent tests in pigs give reason for some optimism that the program could succeed.