give refuge

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responsibility to give refuge to those in need of international
Iqbal said that if some of the people who had entered their areas turned out to be terrorists, it was not their intention to give refuge to such people.
All SM malls remained open the whole day Monday until the following day (which is today, Tuesday) to give refuge to people who might end up stranded due to Ruby.
Many European countries refuse to give refuge to the MKO terrorists as most of them are members of the international mafia and wanted by Interpol," said Adnan al-Mayahi, a member of Iraq's Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee.
But disagreements over how to deal with Syria -- Turkey has backed opposition groups, while Iraq has insisted it is neutral despite claims it is implicitly backing the Syrian regime -- were followed by Ankara's decision in early 2012 to give refuge to former Iraqi vice-president Tareq Al Hashemi, convicted in absentia of organising death squads.
Ethiopia was the first country to give refuge to followers of the Prophet Mohamed, who had fled their home to escape persecution.
But Male has told New Delhi that it should not give refuge to a fugitive.
After lengthy deliberations, Bahrain agreed to give refuge to the ship, which had been turned down by other countries in the region.
But we remain convinced that it will not give refuge to those who represent a threat to Libya's security.
The United States and Iraq have both encouraged the EU member states to give refuge status to the 3,400 group members now trapped in Iraq.
He asserted that no one was willing to give refuge to such a criminal however BLF leaders gave him sanctuary.
Give refuge to the stranger; the past, present, and future of sanctuary.