give relief

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I knew of her enchantment and her fate, From high-born dame to peasant wench transformed And touched with pity, first I turned the leaves Of countless volumes of my devilish craft, And then, in this grim grisly skeleton Myself encasing, hither have I come To show where lies the fitting remedy To give relief in such a piteous case.
The idea of some active good within her reach, "haunted her like a passion," and another's need having once come to her as a distinct image, preoccupied her desire with the yearning to give relief, and made her own ease tasteless.
The great and primary use of a court of equity is to give relief in extraordinary cases, which are exceptions[2] to general rules.
They demanded the United Nation to take immediate notice and bound the Indian government to withdraw its illegal and wrong acts to give relief to the hostage Kashmiri people.
But the Opposition Leader said he remained adamant that if relief could be given to businesses, 'you can give relief to small poor people.
It is pertinent to mention here that people of the area were demanding passenger train service on the said section for quite a long time and this decision of the government for starting passenger train on the section will give relief to the people and it is expected that the said train service will be beneficial for Pakistan Railways as well.
Two high courts have refused to give relief to tax officials compulsorily retired by the government on serious charges of misconduct.
Summary: Haryana [India], July 1 (ANI): With an aim to give relief to students from the sweltering heat, Haryana government on Sunday extended school holidays in all government as well as private schools by one week.
He said the government should reduce the prices of basic commodities to give relief to people and bring prosperity.
I urge authorities concerned to save unemployed youth from this mental and financial agony and find a solution to give relief to the unemployed people.
This augmentation will also remained helpful in order to give relief to Auto Transformer of Guddu as well as improve the voltage profile of SEPCO and QESCO region.
We do not want to subdue anyone and want to give relief to them,' he added.