give relief

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I knew of her enchantment and her fate, From high-born dame to peasant wench transformed And touched with pity, first I turned the leaves Of countless volumes of my devilish craft, And then, in this grim grisly skeleton Myself encasing, hither have I come To show where lies the fitting remedy To give relief in such a piteous case.
The idea of some active good within her reach, "haunted her like a passion," and another's need having once come to her as a distinct image, preoccupied her desire with the yearning to give relief, and made her own ease tasteless.
The great and primary use of a court of equity is to give relief in extraordinary cases, which are exceptions[2] to general rules.
He urged the PML-N government to learn a lesson from the demise of the PPP and give relief to the people by reducing the prices of petroleum and other items of basic necessities.
Commissioner Jamali directed the officials concerned to take all-out steps for the early completion of the project to give relief to the people of Naseerabad and Jaffarabad districts during the summer.
Meanwhile, PCB sources - while confirming that franchises have sought some relief - said that PCB is not in a position to give relief to franchises and it will be against the terms of the agreement.
He said the government would require additional resources to implement court's order regarding education package but he was considering alternate measures to give relief to property owners and meet the expenditures from other sources.
The federal government had failed to improve tax administration, plug holes and give relief to the masses which amounts to enmity with masses, he noted.
Summary: Raipur (Chhattisgarh) [India], Sept 15 (ANI): Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh on Friday said that his government is taking three initiatives to give relief to the farmers of the state who are suffering from the famine situation.
They demanded from the authorities concerned to take notice of the situation and give relief to the masses otherwise they will be compel to protest against it on the larger scale.
The telecom sector is expected that the government will declare the telecom sector as industry status in the upcoming budget and reduce the taxes to give relief to the telecom sector because Finance Ministry already confirmed that telecom is one of the highest tax paying sectors in the country.
But, he would like to give relief to small tax payers, the Finance Minister added.