give rest

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Nothing ever happened in that little town, left behind by the advance of civilisation, and one year followed the next till death came, like a friend, to give rest to those who had laboured so diligently.
He advised people working at the computer to look away from the screen periodically to give rest to stressed eyes.
The selectors might now opt to give rest to some of them and give an opportunity to a few youngsters so that they could gain some experience.
He would only take average worker's salary and give rest to good causes.
As the series progresses, we will watch him as he is someone who can swing the ball well, and can give rest to the other bowlers, and he will be more effective on pitches that offer some assistance to the bowlers.
I will go to my native country Turkey to spend vacation with my family and give rest to my fingers after the hectic rehearsals as the session comes to an end," said Merve Kenet-Bulun who played viola during the concert.
We will not give rest to any of our players, except Jesper Noddesbo, who is injured," Barcelona coach Xavi Pascual said.
With Klinsmann knowing the majority of those who he hopes to take to Brazil next summer and keen to give rest to many of them, he has decided to take a second-string squad to the Gold Cup.
The government of Bangladesh will give rest of the money.
Washington, October 16 ( ANI ): The function of sleep is not just to give rest to the brain, say researchers suggesting that even our fat cells need sleep to function properly.
The biblical Sabbath regulations require that humans give rest to the animals every seven days; and in the seventh year they must allow the land to lie fallow, free slaves, and remit debts (Exod 23: 10-11; Lev 25).
Far from 'where the roses rest," Round the altar and the aisle, Which I loved, of all, the best-- I have come to rest awhile By the ever-restless sea-- Will its waves give rest to me?