give rest

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Nothing ever happened in that little town, left behind by the advance of civilisation, and one year followed the next till death came, like a friend, to give rest to those who had laboured so diligently.
give rest to the soul of that great sinner, the Comtesse du Barry, and to all unhappy ones like her.
Federer has not played in the French Open for the last two years in order to give rest to his body and focus on other events where he has greater chances of winning.
According to a source, doctors in UST told Reyes to give rest Alesssandrini even before the Ateneo game but the magnitude of the match became a necessity for the rookie to be put in the lineup.
Other countries can afford to give rest to their players and adopt rotation policy, while we don't have that luxury.
In our times, there used to be orchestra to give some rest to the singer in between the song but now singers are there to give rest to the orchestra," Akhtar said.
So I'm also in the position where instead of making changes to improve my team, my changes are to give rest.
Mourinho said: "My changes were not to improve my team but to give rest to the people who need rest.
The selectors might now opt to give rest to some of them and give an opportunity to a few youngsters so that they could gain some experience.
He would only take average worker's salary and give rest to good causes.
The owner was also advised to give rest to puppy and do physiotherapy of all four limbs along with manual feeding of puppy if it is not milk normally.
As the series progresses, we will watch him as he is someone who can swing the ball well, and can give rest to the other bowlers, and he will be more effective on pitches that offer some assistance to the bowlers.