give rest

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Nothing ever happened in that little town, left behind by the advance of civilisation, and one year followed the next till death came, like a friend, to give rest to those who had laboured so diligently.
The sunlight was bright in the room; the incense rose in clouds; the priest read, "Give rest, oh Lord.
give rest to the soul of that great sinner, the Comtesse du Barry, and to all unhappy ones like her.' You see that is quite a different thing, for how many sinners there are, how many women, who have passed through the trials of this life, are now suffering and groaning in purgatory!
'In the build up to the World Cup, the team management made a blunder by deciding to give rest to seven players against Australia (in UAE) and that was a golden opportunity for our preparations,' recalled Intikhab.
This exercise is one of the most effective ways to give rest to your arms, forearms and wrist pain while you constantly type or move the mouse.
The team management had decided to give rest to their frontline players including the regular captain Sarfraz Ahmed.
Pakistan team management on the other hand had decided to give rest to key players.
He was also able to give rest to many of his workhorses as Yvan Ludovice, Batino and Bregondo didn't play much.
"I will take breakfast now by some of the money from here and I will give rest of the earning to my mother," he added.
When I asked my informed friends, they told me clearly that the coach is in no mood to give rest to the pacer.
I think if he did have concussion then the standard protocol, if there is any doubt, to get the player off the field and give rest and not allow him to play.