give right

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He and Dunsford had worked at the subject together on Philip's skeleton, asking each other questions till both knew by heart every attachment and the meaning of every nodule and groove on the human bones; but in the examination room Philip was seized with panic, and failed to give right answers to questions from a sudden fear that they might be wrong.
He called upon the major powers of the world to put pressure on India to give right to self-determination to the people of Kashmir.
He claimed that India will have to give right of plabasite to each and every Kashmiri and also should be answerable for continuous violations in Held Valley of Kashmir.
He urged the other political party of the country to promote and encourage transparent party election and give right to political workers to elect their party leader instead of imposing one on them.
He asked to give right of vote to 220 million Pakistanis so that they can change the destiny of country from clutches of Jagirdars, Waderas and Chowdhris who have been looting country since last 7 years.
The Lahore High Court on Thursday sought reply from ECP and others on a petition seeking directives to give right to vote to overseas Pakistanis.
What give right marquee Charles George inspire So this post-match observation is as close as Dai is likely to get to bemoaning his ill-fortune.
Dr Neetu, a best Astrologer to read Janamkundali for any Builders in the field of Real Estate to give right path for the selection of land to construct the apartment.
I believe you are right, but maybe Mr Mohammed Amjad is going through a tough time, he and his family are still going through such a tragedy that they are not able to think and give right opinions.
This person boasts they give right of way to pedestrians.
Public rights of way include footpaths, which give right of way on foot only and bridleways, which give right of way to horse riders, those leading a horse, cyclists and pedestrians.
He held for the first time in fifty years Kashmir issue was raised on the largest ever forum of the world while it was determined in the UNSC resolutions to give right to self determination to Kashmiris.