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It does not seem right that liabilities that were too contingent to have given rise to basis should give rise to COD income when canceled, yet there is apparently no explicit exclusion from COD income for them.
may give rise to a covered Loss, provided, however, that the 120-day deadline for performance will be extended to the benefit of the defaulting party and to the detriment of the non-defaulting party for so long as the non-defaulting party is not appreciably prejudiced thereby.
Software updates embedded in maintenance agreements may give rise to DPGR, assuming they meet the requirements of section 199, (43) a result consistent with prior administrative guidance.
If the proposed carrier refuses to drop the warranty statement requirement, we suggest you try to minimize the gap by 1) negotiating the language of the warranty statement to narrow its exclusionary effect and/or 2) providing a notice to the existing carrier of circumstances that could give rise to a claim.
The transplanted sphere-derived cells did indeed give rise to cells from all three germ layers.
In an October editorial, The Wall Street Journal suggested that such an agreement might give rise to a national sales tax.
Ultimately, these layers will give rise to every single body organ and part (see diagram, left).
Bartky traces the development of some of these, and the now-obscure territorial or jurisdictional squabbles to which they could give rise.
The way to do this was to endorse international moves to outlaw and combat terrorist violence along with accompanying efforts to address the hurts and inequities that give rise to terrorist behavior.
The greater an object's size, according to Edmund Burke, the more violently it excites the retina: Thus giant objects give rise to perceptions of the sublime.
But works of beauty that give rise to childlike wonder and delight are still possible.
La Jolla, CA) has patented methods for isolating and using prechondrocytes from the umbilical cord, specifically from Wharton's jelly, that give rise to chondrocytes which produce cartilage.