give security

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As to persons of quality, they give security to appropriate a certain sum for each child, suitable to their condition; and these funds are always managed with good husbandry and the most exact justice.
This having been done, steps were taken to ransom our three comrades, so as to enable them to quit the bano, and lest, seeing me ransomed and themselves not, though the money was forthcoming, they should make a disturbance about it and the devil should prompt them to do something that might injure Zoraida; for though their position might be sufficient to relieve me from this apprehension, nevertheless I was unwilling to run any risk in the matter; and so I had them ransomed in the same way as I was, handing over all the money to the merchant so that he might with safety and confidence give security; without, however, confiding our arrangement and secret to him, which might have been dangerous.
"It is necessary for you to know, because I have to give security for a time, and a man must come to make an inventory of the furniture."
The 3D imaging systems will give security staff a better look at bags and will be rolled out to all British airports by 2022.
More than 2000 police personnel and volunteers had deployed to give security cover to the faithfuls who offered Eid prayer in more than 329 mosques, Imam Bargahs and open prayers areas across the district.
The police boss urged locals not to retaliate and give security officers time to pursue and arrest the culprits.
'It is unfortunate to know that while we are striving to pass a law that will give security of tenure to our workers, another burden has come up and that is the incompetence of some government agencies to provide [their] employees the rightful benefits due to them,' said Villanueva, chair of the Senate labor committee.
Addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party election rally at Tandur near Hyderabad, he said the BJP would give security to all but would not allow anybody to spread anarchy.
As police give security, I urge parents to also make sure their children are safe on their way to and from school," he said.
According to a police spokesman, the Rawalpindi Police had finalized all the arrangements to maintain peace during the Muharram and 7, 000 policemen, volunteers, elite force and lady police would be deployed to give security cover to the processions.
This way we can protect our society from these barbaric crimes and give security.
In a unanimously passed resolution it was demanded from the government to probe into matter and give security to Adrish and other writers and civil society members who are trying their best to expose corruption and other evils in our society.