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"To give sense to any project like this is that desire to achieve what everyone wants.
Personally, I would suggest staging a global art competition that would give sense to all that chaos in the city.
Whatever their method or focus, all of the contributions are united in an approach that emphasizes the careful, even subtle, reading of historical traces--visual, textual, material--teasing out meaning in order to give sense to past experience.
However, such an approach faces two serious problems: how to deal with merely ordinal theories, which do not give sense to the idea of magnitudes of choiceworthiness; and how, even when theories do give sense to magnitudes of choiceworthiness, to compare magnitudes of choiceworthiness across different theories.
Narrating what has happened can give coherence, resignify and give sense to fractures, from its personal history and cultural rituals, overcoming that state of initial confusion in which it is impossible to say anything because nothing is understood.
On one hand, it is a paradigm that helps us to give sense to the complexity of society by taking care on the under-textuality of relationships.
The stance of the project is not only descriptive and pragmatic, which allows understanding the way mentally diseased/distressed people get through and give sense to their problems by resorting to cultural resources; it is also critical and reflexive, so as to enlighten the normative and evaluative dimension of the collective representations around autonomy .This project will be developed at the first-class research center CERMES3, hosted at the Universite Paris-Descartes, under Prof.
"We appreciate what [the] international communities are doing; they must give sense to the people of South Sudan if they want genuine peace in South Sudan.
It implies relationship with the beliefs of religious self-election or of values and practices that give sense to life, which inspirers and motivates individuals to accomplish their wellbeing.
And all the problems that are prevalent in the world like disturbances and violence, may the goddess stop all this and give sense to all men," said Ritu Bannerjee, a devotee at one of the pandals.
This is the way I give sense to my work," said the stylist.
The sound of silence marks the beginning and guides the rhythm of the steps in our physical and spiritual route in tireless search of answers that give sense to our existence.