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In trying to recall all the details that could give shape to his suspicions, he remembered only lately hearing his mother scold Maggie for walking in the Red Deeps when the ground was wet, and bringing home shoes clogged with red soil; still Tom, retaining all his old repulsion for Philip's deformity, shrank from attributing to his sister the probability of feeling more than a friendly interest in such an unfortunate exception to the common run of men.
He said, 'Efforts are on to give shape to the Banking Bureau and to professionalise all personnel issues.
It had also hired other international consultants to give shape to Nitish's pet project.
This document describes the market consultation to investigate and determine how ProRail his ambitions and demands on future process piping systems is going to give shape to a new IT architecture framework for the period 2017-2025.
In fact, these appointments add no financial burden on the public exchequer but give shape to the true notion of public service by the elected representatives, she added.
Clamor created over the appointment of Parliamentary secretaries in KPK was totally baseless, it will but give shape to the true notion of public service", she concluded.
After starting work on the first series of Dr Who, he was asked by series writer Terry Nation to give shape to the Daleks, a legion of mechanical beings that had turned on their scientist creator and killed him.
Three reasons are put forth for why scholars studying negotiation might appreciate the framing metaphor: the notions that discrete structures like frames give shape to complex processes, that the phenomena within the frame are not randomly organized, and that the frame plays a major role in driving outcomes so that not accounting for it leaves a gap in understanding and predicting the phenomena.
BISHKEK, Feb 2, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's prime minister said on Wednesday that the Central Asia basin could give shape to world's future if countries of the region acted with solidarity.
McLeod-Harrison's volume presents a well-honed, intricate, somewhat overextended argument for a simple but bold claim: in knowing reality, we give shape to reality.
He added: "I am thrilled to be able to work with those at V&A Dundee in order to give shape to thei r vision, to contribute meaningfully to the cultural richness of the city.
Clay whistle traditions stem from the natural resources available in loco clay, silica sands, kaolin, minerals, wood or carbon to feed the kilns and so forth--and flourish thanks to the artistic techniques that craftsmen develop to give shape to different forms and sounds, which, in Italy, re-echo from Matera to Rutigliano, from Caltagirone to Marsciano, and from Cesuna to Mondovi.