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But there was a branch house at the west end, and no pettiness or dinginess to give suggestions of shame.
Babar Awan, the counsel for Imran, did not cooperate on the construction and encroachment issue,' the additional attorney general responded adding that the court had ordered to give suggestions after meeting all the parties concerned 'There is a suggestion that all sorts of construction at Bani Gala be stopped,' he further added.
He appealed the members of committees to give suggestions in handling various police related affairs.
The top court last year directed the Centre to include certain experts in the task force from agriculture and health department so that they could give suggestions and remedies on stubble burning.
CJP while directing all the parties concerned to identify the problems and give suggestions for sorting out these problems remarked that ' court has not to destroy the constructions.
com/how-spot-fake-news-facebook-explains-launches-ai-m-messenger-give-suggestions-2522370) How To Spot Fake News, Facebook Explains; Launches AI 'M' To Messenger To Give Suggestions
Trained personnel then give suggestions on programs to keep one from getting sick.
Memedi stated that Hahn will assess the real situation and give suggestions for the optimal time for organizing the parliamentary elections.
The bottle also syncs wirelessly with fitness trackers, so the app will give suggestions for which fuel pod to put into your water.
Authorities said, "The consultant will give suggestions in this regard and recommend the most suitable design.
NNA - Information Minister Ramzi Jreij voiced support to the idea of forming a professional union for the owners of electronic news websites prone to represent the owners, give suggestions in their name, and conduct dialogues with the Information Ministry and the national media council in order to organize the electronic media sector in a good shape by taking into regard the citizen's right to acquire knowledge and the high national interest.
He said it is the responsibility of the elected representatives of the lawyers to give suggestions in this regard.