give support

References in classic literature ?
As he was thus retreating, Ajax son of Telamon, struck him with a stone, of which there were many lying about under the men's feet as they fought--brought there to give support to the ships' sides as they lay on the shore.
Mr Khan further urged the people of Jacobabad to give support to Imran Khan, the PTI chief, and play their pivotal role to eliminate corruption culture and poverty from country for larger interests of people of Pakistan.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he has never known Qatar to give support to terror organizations.
As part of the activity, carnations were distributed to people to give support to peace.
There is no need of secrecy, because citizens who give support to the opposition leadership also want to continue the honest collaboration.
The Computer Mapping Company agreed to give support services for the software from July 1 to June 30, 2015 in return for a $4,600 yearly support fee.
On the other hand, the Congress has lost complete ground in Delhi, and therefore is ready to give support to P, even though they are being abused," said Azad.
To know there is somebody there to give support and encouragement at this stressful time helped me enormously.
It is certain that the Republic of Macedonia has been ready to open accession talks for a long period of time and it is just as certain that Greece is not ready to give support without which the setting of a date is impossible," he said.
BDI has not reviewed the initiative for voting trust in the Government and as Koha has been told from partisan sources, the decision to give support to the Government was unambiguous.
You will be better able to care for your child and give support if you are coping well yourself.
We have staff across Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland to give support.