give support

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Sir Philip Carter CBE, Chairman of Everton, said, "We are delighted to launch a deal of this nature as it gives us longer term security of funding and means that we can continue the development of the business and give support to our new team manager, David Moyes.
As the new speaker is gaining experience, other members are there to criticize gently and give support.
Net has 3 million unique visitors each month who can give support.
com is designed specifically to give support managers the tools they need to deliver better service and make their operation run smoother.
Louis that trains laypeople to give support to those in personal crisis.
to give support to the infamous Hollywood Ten when they were appearing before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
The-wally-project will also give support and incentives to communities across the country to assist in implementing similar programs.
4 million unique visitors each month are people who can give support, so we'll use a collaborative support model over the Internet to extend service on thousands of products to thousands of corporations.
Stratton will not manage the companies in its portfolio directly, but instead give support to the domestic managers of those businesses.
Up to 16 FibreArrays may be cascaded together to give support for up to 112 drives--forming a single array from one FibreRAID-PCI controller providing up to 1 TERABYTE of storage
WURLD Media has enabled the creation of the Lexy Foundation, which works to give support to parents working to meet the needs of children with disabilities both financially and emotionally.
We are not prepared to give support when he acts in an authoritarian and dictatorial way and that, sadly, has been an increasing feature of his regime,'' Rifkind said Wednesday.