give sworn testimony

See: depose, testify
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Drexler also appeared at the hearing and answered questions from Henderson but did not give sworn testimony.
AUSTIN -- A day before he was scheduled to give sworn testimony about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong reached a settlement on Wednesday with an insurance company that was seeking $3 million in performance bonuses it paid him from 1999 to 2001.
During his trial on the charge of sodomizing his then aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 25, Anwar refused to give sworn testimony to the court, instead using his opportunity to speak to excoriate the judiciary and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, whom he accused of masterminding the sodomy charge to send Anwar into ''political oblivion.
he has the same considerable shield that may be invoked by any non-party witness who is called upon to give sworn testimony in a criminal matter: to decline to answer any and all specific questions(s) by invoking his Fifth Amendment right to self-incrimination.
Opposition parties renewed their demand for ruling party kingpin Ichiro Ozawa to give sworn testimony in parliament, lawmakers said Thursday, following the commencement of the veteran lawmaker's trial for alleged false reporting of his political funds.
If it is, then the Duke of York could be compelled to give sworn testimony in the UK.
Washington, June 4 (ANI): Britney Spears' lawyers are putting in efforts to dissuade her from making a statement in a perfume lawsuit, as they claim that she is not legally competent to give sworn testimony.
The appeal was issued by the Tirkel Commission late on Sunday, just hours before two Arab Israeli passengers were to give sworn testimony about their experience on board the ferry when it was raided on May 31.
The White House has been reluctant to grant Congress's request for sworn testimony on the matter, insisting that it is imperative that the President maintains what is referred to as 'Executive Privilege', whereas those advisors closest to the President may not be compelled to give sworn testimony because that could potentially hinder the President's ability to hear uncensored counsel from those advisors.
Levada was scheduled to give sworn testimony in August but won a five-month extension when he agreed to return to the United States in January.
This means that a person responsible for the computer system in question must give sworn testimony that the computer system was at all times operating properly or that any operating problems was not such as to affect the accuracy of the image in question.
TENNIS player Irakli Labadze has been summoned to an Austrian court to give sworn testimony about a match a bookmaker believes to have been fixed.