give terms

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He asked the court to give terms that are commensurate to the amount lost.
"At almost every company I've talked to, they're really going into it with the attitude that they want cash immediately, and they don't want to give terms or do anything that relies on the future."
It may be significant that, in a similar way to that found for Peterhead, one middle-aged woman and one younger man give terms for 'smaller/younger herring' which derive from the names of other smaller fish--sprat and dabbies respectively.
An audio tape broadcast on Arabic television station Al- Jazeera, claiming to be the voice of bin Laden, did not give terms.
"We sell outright, and give terms and concessions."
As per Slobin's goal of the American Musicspheres series, he aims to "avoid defining musical `villages,' to move away from neat periodization, and to give terms like `folk,' `traditional,' `ethnic,' and `popular' a well-deserved rest" (Forward).
We can collect money, open accounts, give terms and do everything else we do without any help.
They don't want to give up the margin, because they're probably compensated on it, but they think it's easy to give terms."