give terms

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We can collect money, open accounts, give terms and do everything else we do without any help.
It may be significant that, in a similar way to that found for Peterhead, one middle-aged woman and one younger man give terms for 'smaller/younger herring' which derive from the names of other smaller fish--sprat and dabbies respectively.
An audio tape broadcast on Arabic television station Al- Jazeera, claiming to be the voice of bin Laden, did not give terms.
As per Slobin's goal of the American Musicspheres series, he aims to "avoid defining musical `villages,' to move away from neat periodization, and to give terms like `folk,' `traditional,' `ethnic,' and `popular' a well-deserved rest" (Forward).
They don't want to give up the margin, because they're probably compensated on it, but they think it's easy to give terms.