give testimony

See: witness
References in classic literature ?
Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty.
From the ivory tower, none of its members volunteered to give testimony in any shape or form against Corona.
TWO Policemen involved in the incident at Upper Igun area of Benin City that led to the alleged killing of a cab driver, David Okoniba, have appeared before the Justice Joseph Olubor-led Administrative Panel of Inquiry to give testimony of their involvement in the fracas which led to a clash between the Police and some youths in the state.
There was vote stuffing during the August 8 elections my agents will appear before the court to give testimony.
Under the Indian Constitution, no person can be compelled to give testimony or answer questions which may incriminate him, said the court, adding,"Undoubtedly, an individual affected by the story must be given an option to give his version, but he cannot be compelled to speak.
Kushner will certainly not be the last person the committee calls to give testimony, but we expect him to be able to provide answers to key questions that have arisen in our inquiry.
But six witnesses, including prison staff, as well as Mr Harvey's family are expected to be asked to give testimony.
Since then, dozens of witnesses have been called multiple times to give testimony.
Prosecution lawyer Andreas Aristidou suggested to the defence that in order to speed up the proceedings, the written testimony of 63 of the 73 prosecution witnesses be accepted with only the remaining ten having to be summoned to give testimony in court.
All these will be occasions for them to give testimony to their faith in Jesus.
A total of 12 employees of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) were summoned to give testimony at 10:00 EET (08:00 GMT) in Sofia's investigation office on Monday.
Mohammad Afif, will start hearing the case late next week, and seventeen general prosecution witnesses are on stand-by to give testimony.