give the effect

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References in classic literature ?
The rooms were thus spacious enough to contain a select company, without the absurdity which attends many middle-class entertainments, where unusual preparations are made at the expense of the daily comfort, and consequently give the effect of exceptional effort.
But no translation can give the effect of it, or the yelping scorn the Four threw into every word of it, as they heard the trees crash when the men hastily climbed up into the branches, and Buldeo began repeating incantations and charms.
If you're scared about a log pile being the perfect home for creepycrawlies, you could get staggered log tiles, which glue onto a board or wall and give the effect of a pile of logs without the hiding places.
These measures and the expected legalization of wages due to the reduction of a single social contribution are those steps that can really give the effect of reducing the deficit of the Pension Fund," he noted.
Three marches converged by the Eiffel Tower, each march holding flags of different colours to give the effect of the Tricolore.
To finish the chair we decided to put a handle on the right hand side to give the effect that the chair has been around the world just like a suitcase or briefcase.
Overhead trellis, bamboo or grilles make great sunscreens and cast textured shadows on the ground, and painting surfaces in different shades of the same colour will also give the effect of shadow.
It was the work of Jennifer Broom, 22, from Coxhoe in County Durham, who used harnesses to give the effect of parachutes and provide a military feel to her designs.
The stage was lit up to give the effect of moonlight with the sound of waves thrashing the shore of an island home to the 57-year-old Bella (Rabia Pasha) and her husband, the pitiable old man played by Farooq Beg who seeks his personal identity.
The specs, which give the effect of being drunk, will highlight how difficult it becomes to do normal jobs like writing your name or picking up items after drinking alcohol.
Vuzix claim these futuristic looking video glasses give the effect of watching a 52-inch screen from 9ft away.
The tower, which is directly linked to the Ginza subway station, is designed to give the effect of bamboo trees so as to reflect Japanese tradition and culture, according to the company.