give the impression

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Add a few star stickers to the picture to help give the impression of a dazzling night's sky.
We have to give a much more accurate impression of the vast majority of young people who do the right thing in society, and want to make the most of themselves, and not to give the impression that most young people are about to commit acts of anti-social behaviour.
If ministers give the impression that an act of worship is to be treated lightly, then what kind of example is that for their congregations?
The MPAA, on behalf of the major movie studios, said Thursday that the scam sites give the impression that their product is legal, but that they are actually connecting users to illegal peer-to-peer sites.
Lighting is another important factor, whether you go for the contemporary or period look - if used well it can give the impression of shadow and space that doesn't really exist.
Worse, they can give the impression that everything they're doing is right.
The lovely cover and title of this collection give the impression that Asian-themed music will be contained within but, in fact, these seven pieces include a variety of styles.
The inclusion of letters of the alphabet among the images on the wall may give the impression of a cataloguing system, but instead, the artist uses his images as letters are used to create words.
Pre-war administration rhetoric was designed to give the impression that huge caches of battle-ready WMDs littered the Iraqi countryside.
The story title and quote give the impression that I have no further relationship with Kennedy, which is not correct.
When the McKenna government (Liberal) took over the seven Catholic hospitals in New Brunswick in 1993, the Archbishop said that he found "Catholics in government don't want to give the impression they are imposing their faith on others.
They are entirely decorative, and from certain angles, give the impression of reptilian skin.