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They also give the lie to those who claim that there is no point in immigration controls which do not apply to EU citizens.
If this is true it tends to give the lie to the idea that speed cameras make for safer roads.
The choices give the lie to the foul slur that footballers can only read the racing page, the matchday programme and any porn magazine lying around.
Many of the same black patrons that orchestrated the Harlem Renaissance--hoping to showcase talent that would give the lie to Jim Crow--later cringed at the work of its most irreverent voices, and particularly at their refusal to adapt their art to mainstream black political thought of the time.
But in their very sleaziness, in their decidedly uneuphoric insistence on the visibility of class, its injuries, and its violence, they give the lie to the fashionable fictions that MOMA and other art institutions are now so eager to promote.
But Chris's story would seem to give the lie to that statement.
Its adherence to Chinese policies and its participation in the production of the UNESCO document give the lie to its claim that it does not support abortion.
Works shown from the North Italian Leonardo Circle give the lie to the cliche that Leonardo overwhelmed local talent (or the lack thereof).
Bush aides believe this and the first initiative should give the lie to critics of a Republican Washington-mainly including the European Union - which has refused a rejection of Kyoto made in late 1997 by the Democratic administration of Bill Clinton.