give the nod to

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It's very difficult to separate them, but I'll give the nod to Jedburgh, who is arguably the more consistent and has been running in stronger company.
Of the big houses, I'd give the nod to Krug, Bollinger and, maybe, Pol Roger.
Lawrence will give the nod to captain Byron Anthony, who was in the travelling party at Gillingham on Saturday, and his young team-mates for the match.
California voters did not give the nod to Ferial Masry in her bid to become the country's first Saudi-born lawmaker.
But supporters' club chairman Ian Toal has urged Paphitis to give the nod to the former Wimbledon and Spurs boss the second time round.
However, in general, I'd say that anyone interested in an Internet organizer would be satisfied with either of these applications, but I'll give the nod to SurfSaver for its greater speed, simplicity, and convenience.
According to our understanding of the agreement under which Novell Inc sold Unix SVR4, SCO must give the nod to such an arrangement.
Villa boss Brian Little is set to give the nod to Tommy Johnson for today's game at home to West Ham - and then sell him back to Derby
However, if the Bruins split and there are less than six league teams with seven wins, the Hawaii Bowl would likely give the nod to a UCLA team over other six-win teams from the Pac-10, partly because of television ratings, sources said.
It's an impossible contest to call 7/8 each performance is so aggressively irritating 7/8 but seniority and resume give the nod to Walters, who chews up scenery with a zest normally reserved for feeding time at the alligator farm.
McNair, the brother of Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair, has started the whole year, and with the Destroyers needing a victory to get into the playoffs, it seemed odd Bentley would give the nod to Loots in such a critical situation.
Even Dallas coach Don Nelson would give the nod to O'Neal after he absorbed every Mavericks blow and orchestrated a well-timed, well-executed Lakers victory, 119-109, at Reunion Arena.