give thought to

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I will say a few more words, Xodar, with no intent to wound your feelings further, but rather that you may give thought to the fact that while we live we are still more the arbiters of our own fate than is any god.
The girl, who had been half paralyzed by fear as the two men fought, had just commenced to give thought to her probable fate now that, though released from the clutches of a madman, she had fallen into the hands of one whom but a moment before she had been upon the point of killing.
At the same time Putin cautioned against creating new threats to the world "But on the contrary to come to the negotiating table to give thought to an updated, future system of international security and the civilization's sustainable development.
We also expect that the US-led West would also seriously give thought to oft-repeated suggestion of Pakistan to lay focus on negotiated settlement of the conflict rather than intensified use of military power that has so far produced no worthwhile result except complicating things further.
Second, give thought to who will be the partnership representative and to what rights/obligations that partnership will be entitled or subject.
If the FIA finds itself overburdened, the government should give thought to creating CCUs in the provincial police set-ups in the special branch or the district intelligence branch of the respective police departments.
Tourism for all" is a tremendous theme for an important day, but we should also give thought to those who cannot escape their present circumstances.
Readers genuinely interested in Teilhard must give thought to the following found in Human Energy: "Let us say, in fact .
Engaging scientists from various disciplines to give thought to the impacts of climate change, the authors organized three workshops, developed a conceptual framework, identified key databases, and developed four questions for investigation.
A couple more weeks and then it's time to give thought to New Year resolutions although I've already decided I won't be making any so for the first time in a long time I'm actually ahead of myself
Although Chamblee maintained that he had not called Woods a cheat directly and insisted that he had not been forced to apologise for his comment, however, Woods' manager called his comments 'disgusting' and said they 'would have to give thought to legal action'.
The aim is to give thought to a more effective European monitoring mechanism, as sought by certain countries, including Germany.