give twist

See: distort
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When Indian National Congress under Gandhi tried to give twist to the facts projected by Jinnah by starting a non-violent movement, Jinnah managed to arrange "Day of Deliverance" on December 22, 1939 in which not only the Muslims but Sikhs, Christians, Scheduled Caste Hindusand other minorities equally participated.
AS turmoil is sweeping across most of the Arab countries, biased Western media is trying to give twist to the happenings there by portraying them as Shia-Sunni divide with clear motives of creating rifts in the ranks of the Muslim Ummah.
You couldn't give Twist Magic away before the race, as punters took a dim view of his chances on the rain-softened ground.
It really is a tricky call, but given that there are question marks against everything else in the race, I'm prepared to give Twist Magic one last chance under Ruby Walsh because there is no doubt he's much the best horse and will have the race run to suit, with Fair Along and Gemini Lucy setting a strong pace.